Tuesday 29 June 2010

Here I am!

We've just spent a week in Provence with some friends and their family. It was our first with children so there was plenty of entertainment for the adults. Little Macie pictured above is only 2 years but she already has big and gorgeous personality. Whenever she appeared she would proclaim 'Here I am!' - as if we could forget her!

Monday 28 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We've just come back from holiday in the south of France so I do have a good reason for not posting these last Sunday! It was a well deserved break though as the run up to Father's Day was quite manic, on one day I photographed 7 babies all eager to tell their daddy how much they love him.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Cheeky chappie

I spent a lovely afternoon in the sun photographing this cheeky chappie. J has just turned one and has been walking for two weeks now. He's a bit wobbly on his feet but his little legs carry him so far its hard to keep up! For more images visit my website.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Little Errol by Lucy Jane Batchelor

My friend Lucy from Devon has lots of lovely little friends including Little Errol who she makes herself from reclaimed woollen blankets. Although he and his companion Squeaky Beryl are not suitable for young children (apparently he likes to chew on them), Lucy has designed these lovely birth announcement cards featuring the two characters. There are dozens of similar cards and gifts on her website, including an enamel pin version of Little Errol (M has one attached to her buggy which we found in Heirloom on Crown Road, St Margarets).

Thursday 3 June 2010

It's twins!

We spent a lovely day yesterday in Marble Hill park sitting underneath a tree. The twins, R and H, were a picture in their pretty summer dresses and although they have both started rolling I managed to get them to lie still for a few moments while I snapped away. For more images visit my website.

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Cute little birdies

As you may have noticed from my logo I quite like little birdies, so when I saw these cute measuring cups in John Lewis I had to add them to my birthday wish list ;) The pretty pastel colours would go perfectly in my kitchen. All I need to do now is to learn how to bake.

A rainy day

Yesterday was grey and rainy so we snuggled up and drank lots of tea and although the light outside was poor it was perfect for shooting indoors. For more images visit my website.
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